Trifexis Allergic Reaction – Benefits, Drawbacks And Adverse Effects

Trifexis, a medicine that is considered no less than a wonder drug for dogs if they are affected by parasites such as worms. But using it in a way it isn’t meant to be can lead to fatal consequences, and may kill your dog much quicker than worms ever could.

Especially when given with some other FDA approved drugs such as ivermectin, in a higher dose than recommended as per label. However, if you still want to treat your dog with Trifexis, just make sure that you test your dog for heartworm infection if you don’t want to risk your pet’s life on the basis of “suspicion”.

Trifexis Allergic Reaction

Although, it has somehow, remained a non-ending debate between different Vets and breeders, that one should treat his pet with Trifexis or not.

But here, as a responsible person, I would just like to share my own thoughts on the topic, and to aware you about everything that your dog may experience once you start treating it with this “drug” or “poison” (if not given the right way). I won’t mind if you give it to your dog, but guess what, I will just share some good things and bad things, the rest is up to you 🙂

So, lets begin with the good things, as spoiling your mood isn’t the main idea of this article.

Benefits of Trifexis

Here are some of the benefits of this Product

It is effective

Yes, this is totally correct. Trifexis is extremely effective against fleas on dogs. Moreover it helps in preventing heartworm disease as well as controlling adult hookworm, whipworm, and roundworm infections. However, the drug is only recommended if you pup or dog is older than 8 weeks and has weight more than 5 pounds.

Quick Action

In a well-controlled laboratory study, it is proved that Spinosad, an active ingredient, begins to kill fleas just in thirty minutes after administration with 100% effectiveness within four hours.

Approved from FDA

Luckily, Trifaxes is also approved from FDA. Means, no restriction if it is recommended by your Vet.

Variation on strength basis

Trifexis is generally available in five strengths. Each tablet is formulated to provide a minimum dosage of spinosad and Milbemycin oxime, according to body weight.

Long term effect

One of the advantages of Trifexis is, that it continues to kill fleas for a full month after treatment, which is extraordinary when we talk about Such drugs.

Improvement in various areas

Dogs with signs of flea allergy dermatitis showed improvement in various things like papules, erythema, alopecia, pruritis, and scaling as a result of eliminating fleas.

Trifexis Allergic Reaction

Drawbacks and Adverse effects

That was the benefits of this drug, and the only benefits that it has. Now, If you remember, at the very start of this particular article, I told you that this drug is no less than poison if you use it the wrong way.

How? This is the main question everyone asks. In order to answer this, let’s have a brief look at the history of this drug with some dogs. So let’s waste no more time.

In the past several years, since this drug has come in use for the treatment of various parasite-borne diseases, a huge number of deaths have been reported, which if i had to tell precisely, is between 685 and 700.

Many of these deaths resulted immediately after the drug was given to these dogs. Now the question is, why did it kill them?

A simple answer, because the owners did not follow the precautionary measures, certainly leading them to such fatal consequences.

Although some of those dog owners claim that they cared for each and every caution they were being told, but still, their dog died of nowhere.

Now if they followed every precautionary measure, took the best care of their dogs, then how possibly did all these deaths occur? Now two answers come to our mind.

The first one, that the FDA failed to provide all the data that they had when tested the drugs at the laboratory. Or there is a thing called “Trifexis Allergic Reaction”. Well, the second hypothesis looks quite obvious and has been proven up to a certain limit.

Some dogs bear this allergy and are not damaged up to a severe limit by it, However, for some dogs, it can be a problem, a problem that can take their life. In simple words “A breathtaking problem” ;).

How does the reaction occur?

The story is quite interesting. As I told you already, spinosad is used in this “Poisonous” drug as the key and most active ingredient. Now if you are one of the Label readers, then you may definitely know that this thing is also used in the flea poison, known as comfortis.

Although, we won’t go deep into it. What you need to know here, is that this rightly called poison paralyze the nervous system of the fleas. As a result of it, they are no longer able to respire, and eventually they die.

Now there is another thing called “ivermectin”. And this is where the story takes a twist. When the Trifexis is used with another drug which contains ivermectin, this is where it turns to the poisonous compound.

You need to be careful

Mild Side effects

Apart from some life taking effects, it also causes some mild Allergic reactions, just as any other medicine. The most common of them is vomiting. If vomiting occurs immediately, do make sure to give your dog another full dose.

During the research that is being carried out related to Trifexis, No severe side effects have been observed apart from itching, decreased activity, inflammation of the skin, diarrhea, redness of the skin, redness of ears and decreased appetite.

Well, I guess there isn’t a single thing bad left to occur to your dog after it, don’t you think? Who would like to put his dog in such condition for no reason? Or the reason quite small!

Well, sooner or later, you are going to pay for the use of Trifexis. So if your dog does not show any symptoms in the starting days, don’t be so happy because, in several months or maximum a year, your dog is going to be in danger, in a life taking danger.

So what you need to do, is take your dog to your vet, and have some tests. If any symptom is observed that can harm your dog, don’t waste a second to stop trifexis dose.

A Humble advice…

And if your vet still recommends it for your dog despite knowing everything, all you need to do is just to Fire him immediately, for he is throwing your pet to a condition, where she has to struggle for her life.

Well, I told you already, that I won’t say anything if you should use Trifexis or not. But from all this information, don’t you think it would be quite dangerous to risk your dog’s life for such a thing? Although, if you think it is necessary, i would recommend doing a little more research before taking any step.